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Chapter 1


“Time can be reversed. All you need is a little magick” …


Damon Salvatore stood on a green starring at the new family unloading their car across the road that was placing boxes in the home that held so many memories, that house once belonged to none other than Elena & Jeremy Gilbert. For now Elena was safe in his home with Stefan away from Klaus, Jeremy was with close friends of the family he was safe far away from this little town Mystic Falls, that’s all that is important that Elena and her brother was safe from Klaus and his crazy original family. For now.

Not only was the memories Damon was remembering it was the girl. The girl with fiery dyed red hair. The girl who had literally stood still with the same box and hadn’t moved from that spot for at least fifteen minutes like she blacked out whilst standing up. Is that even possible? Damon thought.

“Watcha you looking at brother?” a recognisable voice lingered over Damon’s shoulder.

“Well brother that girl has been standing like a statue for at least twenty minutes now” Damon answered without looking back.

“And…she might be jet lagged”

“How would you know where she comes from?” this time Damon turned round to face his light browned hair brother, his other half Stefan Salvatore. “Well unlike you Damon I don’t stand around staring at people and wait for the answer to drop down from above-“

“Just tell me how you know!” Damon frowned with impatience in his voice.

“I asked Bonnie to check it out just to put your mind at ease” Stefan smiled, “Because face it Damon your paranoid”

“How can you not when there’s all sorts of weird s*** going off” Damon continued to stare at the girl, he started walking forward.

“No Damon, Damon no don’t go over there…” Stefan watched his brother not listen to word and was striding over to the girl. “Too late” Stefan stood and watched his paranoid brother.

The red haired girl was still like statue, the sun shone on her pale face she looked frightened, her lips were a full pink, and her eyes were a baby blue. She’s beautiful Damon thought as he approached the girl, he touched her arm; suddenly the girl dropped the box and fell backwards.



Only a sneak peak done 2 chapters already on the third now =) like, comment tell me what you think, inbox online sometimes i will get back to you eventually.

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