The Disappearance Of Steven Dobbs ...A short sci-fi shocking romance story by Chuck Keyes



The Disappearance Of  Steven Dobbs

A short sci-fi shocking romance story by Chuck Keyes



          Steven Dobbs sat down on a rock to rest by a beautiful stream snaking down a mountain side. The mid-morning sky is clear and the air is so refreshing that Steve feels rejuvenated, as if the Houston smog has been cleansed from his entire body.

          Steve's big city friends thought he was crazy to take a leave of absence from his high-tech engineering job to go by himself on a one month backpacking trip in Colorado's Rocky Mountains. They warned him about the dangers hidden in the wilderness, and he'd be risking his life. But being jilted by his long-term girlfriend a few days before their big wedding has made Steve highly determined to venture through the wilderness by himself. He wants to be alone with nature's wonderful gifts, and he doesn't care if these gifts include bears, snakes, poison ivy, and annoying bugs. He wants to sleep on the ground under the twinkling stars, next to a cozy campfire, far away from people like his heart stabbing ex-girlfriend who at the last moment realized she's a lesbian. He knows his walkabout through the wilderness is basically generated on self-pity, but it'll give him plenty of alone time to reflect upon his life, and it'll provide him the manly courage he needs to build up a new self-importance. It was a real downer being dumped and replaced with a woman.

          Steve watched the crystal clear water swiftly flow by with sunbeams dancing on the surface. I've showed them all, he thought. This is my tenth day of backpacking here in the wilderness. I'm still alive, and I feel stronger than ever. He chuckled to himself. By the end of the month, I'll be commanding the wild animals like Tarzan the ape man.

          Steve stood up, slid on his heavy backpack, and continued on his wilderness trek.

          After hiking along the edge of the stream for more than three miles, he entered a beautiful wide valley where the stream flows into a small lake. He stopped and stood motionless to watch three bucks and six does grazing on the lake's grassy banks and drinking the fresh water. The deer are elegant wild animals, and Steve couldn't understand how a hunter can bring himself to shoot one. All of a sudden, the deer frantically ran off in different directions. Steve can hear a strange humming motor-like sound overhead, but there's no airplane in site. The noise grew louder and Steve could sense the presence of something overhead. In the field off to the left of the lake, a loud impact blast occurred, the ground erupted like an earthquake, and it parted as if a large object crashed. The invisible object slid a few hundred yards across the field, leaving behind a deep trench, and when it came to a stop, it became visible. To Steve's astonishment, he's gazing at an oddly shaped vessel with six short stubby wings, and a huge silver torpedo-like body.

          The first thing that popped into his mind is perhaps it’s a spaceship filled with little green men from a planet made out of blue cheese. His second thought is it's a new type of aircraft on a maiden test flight that failed; however, it was invisible, and his knowledge about aerodynamics tells him the wings are too short to be an airplane. Maybe it’s a colossal missile with a huge atomic warhead, he thought, but why the hell would it crash here in the middle of no man's land?

          Steve stumbled a few times while he walked toward the crash site without taking his eyes off the weird vessel. He nervously approached the rear of the vessel and touched the surface. It's extremely smooth, cool, hard, and he couldn't figure out what type of material the vessel is made out off. He marched up to the ship's nose, which is partially covered with a large pile of earth it plowed up during the crash landing. Steve ran his hand over the ship's skin, looking for a hatchway seam. He walked around to the other side of the vessel to find a thin door seam next to a small sprung open control panel cover.

          Do I want to open this ship's hatchway? he asked himself within his mind while pressing the door's control panel buttons, looking for the right sequence to open the hatchway door. Swoosh, the hatchway slid open within a few nanoseconds. He unsheathed his bowie knife and held it out like a gun to lead his way through the hatchway into the vessel. After stepping inside and looking around, the peculiar unfamiliarity of the ship's interior proves it's a spaceship from another world. Steve turned right and entered the large cockpit. Strapped in what appears to be the pilot's chair is a beautiful alien female. The other three chairs within the cockpit are empty. The female looks human except for having six fingers on each hand, light bluish green skin, long yellow hair, shimmering like strands of weaved gold, and she has large lioness shaped ears. Steve leaned over and placed his ear against her body, directly under her large left breast. He can hear her heart beating normally, that is normally like a human beating heart. She's wearing a tight silver jumpsuit partially zipped up the front, thus offering a pleasurable view of what Steve considers to be sexually classified as a number ten cleavage. His deep curiosity about the attractive alien female forced him to touch her face. Her skin is supple and warm, feeling just like human skin. Her eyes are closed making her appear that she's simply asleep, just like Sleeping Beauty, other than there being a bizarre alien twist in the fairytale. Steve continued to stare at the alien female's beautiful face and attractive body.           Yes, she is different, although different can be a good thing, he thought. He's thinking she maybe unconscious from the sudden harsh impact that was created when the ship crashed. He decided to explore the rest the spaceship to make sure there was no one else aboard. With his trusted bowie knife leading the way, he began his search. After nearly two hours of searching every weird and wonderful room on three decks, he's pleased that the female alien is the only one aboard the ship. Steve returned to the cockpit to figure out how to wake her up. He vigorously shook her shoulders, and he tried sprinkling droplets of cold water on her forehead, but nothing was working. Oh, the hell with it, I'll try the Sleeping Beauty method of giving her kiss. He placed his lips on her bluish-green lips and kissed her.

          It was probably a coincidence that her eyes suddenly popped open, and with an angry expression on her face, she raised her right hand and slapped him hard across his bearded face. "Oh, wow, that hurt, and you're awake." He noticed her huge emerald green, anime eyes, and their lovely uniqueness is way beyond the meaning of beauty. For over a minute they stared into each other's eyes. She seemed just as curious about him as he is about her. She reached out, grabbed his muscular hand, and then she slowly turned it while examining his five fingers. "Yes, I only have five digits compared to your six." He chuckled. "I bet with your extra digits you can probably type over three hundred words a minute."

          With curiosity in her unique alien eyes, she stare at him for a long moment.

          Steve pointed his right index finger at his mouth. "Can…you…speak?"

          She nodded, and then she danced her fingers on a glass keyboard attached to her piloting console. Two tiny electronic gadgets shaped like spiders metalized on her console. She picked one up and handed to Steve. He examined it for a moment. "What do you want me to do with this?" He couldn't help but notice her lioness shaped ears moving about along with her facial expressions. She placed her tiny gadget against her neck, under her long yellow hair, then she pulled her hand out from under her hair, and she's no longer holding the gadget.

          Steve place his tiny gadget against his neck. "Damn that hurts like hell," he cried out as the spider gadget burrowed through his skin and tunneled toward the base of his brain where it attached itself.

          "Can you hear me speak your language?" asked the female alien.

          "Yeah, I can hear you," Steve responded along with a wide smile. "Those tiny electronic spiders must be universal translators. What made you crash here in the wilderness?"

          "The crash was caused by a time delayed disrupter bomb."

          "I haven't seen any damage to your ship's hull. What does a time delayed disrupter bomb disrupt?" asked Steve.

          "It disrupts the ship's internal power processes. I'm not familiar with this section of the universe. What planet am I on?"

          "Your on earth, which is the third planet from the sun."

          "When I woke up, why were your lips pressed against my lips?"

          "Oh…oh, it's called mouth to mouth resuscitation. I was in the process of saving your life. It's similar to kissing."

          "What is kissing?"

          "Kissing is what people do when they care about each other."

          "kissing interests me."

          "Yeah, I know, you slapped me."

          "It felt as you were touching me in a rude manner."

          "Your alien race doesn't kiss?"


          "Within my human race kissing is a pleasurably necessity during sexual foreplay."

          "My race of beings do not act like lower form animals. We do not physically engage with each other."

          "How does your species propagate?"

          "The eggs and sperm required for reproduction are extracted from our bodies and grown within the confines of birthing labs."

          "Damn, that ruins all the fun of it." He paused to shake his head. "Do you have a name?"

          "My name is Zeena."

          "My name is Steven Dobbs, but everyone calls me Steve."

          "Zeena, who planted a time delayed disrupter bomb in your spaceship?"

          "Zonist space pirates seized my ship within an anti-pulse web. I hid in a secret cargo hold while the pirates removed my robotic crew for salvage. When they disengaged my ship from the anti-pulse web, I fired up my trans-pulse engines and escaped. The Zonist space pirates are super villainous, and as a precautionary measure they planted the time delayed disrupter bomb aboard my ship." She deeply sighed. "Now I'm marooned here on your planet earth!"

          "I can help you."

          Zeena laughed. "What can you do for me? You’re a primitive species with hair on your face and your toting your possessions in a bag mounted on your back."

          "No, no, I'm on vacation backpacking in the wilderness. I'm from Houston, Texas, which is a huge modern metropolis. My human race has technology, such as electricity, computers, cars, trucks, buses, airplanes, spaceships, and Super Walmarts."

          Her lioness ears drooped a little. "I may be in a worse situation than I thought. Has your race ever met an alien from another planet?"

          "You're the first alien I've met. Some people claim an alien spacecraft crashed in Roswell, New Mexico long before I was born. I've never believed it up until now."

          "I'm not supposed to be here. This sector of the universe is forbidden. If you hadn't noticed, I don't look like your species."

          "Yeah, I know you're different, but you do have more human features than alien. I see as you as a beautiful alien female. I love the bluish green color of your body, your six fingers on each hand are awesome, and your big round eyes are magnificent."

          "I thank you for the compliments; however; others of your species are going to treat me as lab animal. They'll slice me open to view my internal alien organs. She stood up on wobbly feet. "I feel like the impact of the crash has jostled my innards and overly stretched many of muscles."

          "Where were you going when the Zonist space pirates trapped your spaceship in their anti-pulse web?"

          "I'm a galactic journalist. I was traveling to the fourth prime planet in the Larton Nebula sector to investigate a galaxy-wide government takeover by the brean radicals."

          "Well, I don't know what the brean radicals are; however I am surprised to learn you're a galactic journalist. Do you write stories for a particular news agency?"

          "No, I'm an independent journalist who sells my news stories to the highest bidder."

          "Can your ship be repaired?"

          "Possibly." Zeena nodded her head. "The ship's power systems are coming back on line as the effects of the disrupter bomb wears off. Although it would be too difficult to liftoff without my robotic grew. I'm feeling a little better and I'm hungry, so I'm heading to the galley to prepare some food."

          She started to walk, but stumbled, and Steve grabbed her within his arms. "I can help you to the galley." He realized her long yellow hair smells just as wonderful as human female's hair do.

          "Thank you."

          With his arm tightly wrapped around Zeena's gorgeous alien body, Steve guided her along the first deck main passageway to the ship's galley. He help her warm up some green gravy and purple slices of alien animal meat for making hot open face sandwiches, and then he joined her for in the small mess hall for a mid-afternoon lunch.

          "How do you like your fongo beast sandwich with wonko worm gravy?" asked Zeena.

          "Oh, everything was delicious. The fongo beast tastes like what we call chicken, and your baked bread tastes similar to our bread."

          "Steve, thanks for helping me. I'm starting to feel a little stronger."

          "I think you need to rest."

          "I'm worried that other humans may have seen my spaceship crash land."

          "I doubt it." Steve briskly shook his head. "Your spaceship was invisible until it came to a stop."

          "Oh, good, the mirrored stealth mode was activated when I passed through your atmosphere. Knowing this I can rest easier now. Can you help me to my sleeping quarters?"

          "I'd be honored to help you." Steve again wrapped his arm around her to steady her walking. He sense she's still in pain from having her body whiplashed and her muscles stretched during the sudden stop of the crash.

          He guided to her quarters.

          "How did you know this is where I sleep?"

          "Before you became conscious, I searched your spaceship for survivors. There's twelve sleeping quarters and eleven of them haven't been used recently."

          "Robots don't require sleeping quarters. It took me nearly one home planet revolution around the sun to save enough credits to purchase a robotic crew."

          "Why a robotic crew?"

          "More profit for me, plenty of alone time, and I don't have to deal with a living crew."

          Steve chuckled. "Alone time is the reason why I'm backpacking in the wilderness."

          Steve sat Zeena on her bed and turned to leave.

          "Steve, can you please help me remove my flight suit?" asked Zeena while displaying helpless expression.


          She pulled the zipper down and Steve helped her out of her one-piece garment. To his surprise, the only thing she was wearing is her flight suit. He instantly classified Zeena's naked body as being beyond a number ten, and being naked doesn't seem to be an issue with her. She stretched out on the bed, flat on her back. "Oh, my muscles do ache."

          "Zeena, do you want me to help you get under the covers?"

          "No thanks. The ship's internal atmosphere feels good upon my skin. Will you watch over me and make sure I'm safe?"

          "Of course I will. Would you like me to massage your muscles."

          "Will massaging my muscles make me feel better?"

          "Yup." Steve nodded his head while displaying a very wide grin."

          "Very well, you may touch my body."

          Steve began to massage her. Her light bluish green skin is flawless, warm, and extra smooth. She softly moaned in rhythm with his gentle kneading upon the beautiful sections of her alien body. He realized he deliberately set himself up for the ultimate sexual tease, but he didn't care. For almost an hour, his massaging job felt like heaven on earth. He stopped kneading her body when she fell asleep. For a long time he sat next to her on the bed, visually examining every amazing curve of her naked body.

          Steve picked up his backpack and entered Zeena's bathroom to wash the Rocky Mountain wilderness off his body. It took him a while to figure out how to operate the alien bathroom fixtures. The shower cubical was exceptionally relaxing. It was similar to walking into a combination microwave oven and automatic car wash. The floor of the cubical rotated his naked body while forceful jets of hot steam, hot water, and flower smelling liquid soup was automatically applied to his entire body. The final shower mode was a powerful flow of hot air that rapidly dried his body. He enjoyed it so much that ran his body through the cleansing cycle three times. Besides, it also helped him to come down from his sexual high. Massaging Zeena's naked body was like smelling and touching a tasty cupcake without being allowed to eat it.  

          Steve gazed at his cleanly shaved face in the 3D mirror. Now in Zeena's eyes I won't look a hairy face animal. Wow, this alien bathroom is a hundred times better than any bathroom I'd find in a five-star hotel, he reckoned. I feel and look like a new man. Who'd thought a trek through the wilderness would lead me to a beautiful female alien and luxury to boot. The only unhappy thought is Zeena doesn't believe in physical love making. She thinks the joys of sex is only for the lower life animals. We're all animals. The only difference is our intelligence. I wonder how she fights off her primitive inner animalist sex urges. Maybe her religion has real tough rules. The Catholic church forbids priests and nuns to marry and have sex. If they would allow them to have sex, the priests would most likely stop giving the choirboys private singing lessons.

          Feeling refreshed with a clean set of western duds, Steve exited the bathroom to see Zeena sleeping like an angel. He again sat down on her bed to gaze at her beautiful naked body. After awhile he stretched out next to her and fell asleep.

          Early in the morning, Steve woke up to find Zeena with her arms tightly wrapped around his body. Her naked breasts are pressed against the left side of his chest and her left leg is locked around his left leg. He can feel the warmth of her sleeping breath blowing against his neck.

          Oh my God, I'm wearing an alien straightjacket made of sweet bluish green lollypops and I can't use my animalistic instincts to lick my way free!

          Being afraid to wake Zeena up, Steve remained locked in her arms. A joyful half hour drifted by and Steve decided to attempt an escape before Zeena wakes up. He slowly moved her arms, and then he reached down to move her leg.

          "You're a very comfortable male alien," voiced Zeena.

          "You asked me to watch over me and make sure your safe."

          "Your face is now hairless." She placed her warm six fingered hand on his cheek. "I like it."

          "I shaved of my whiskers off."

          "Why were you sleeping with your clothes on?"

          "Because I felt it was the respectful thing to do."

          "Oh, nonsense. If I'm still on your planet tonight, when you watch over me in my bed, I require you to remove your clothing."

          "If that's what you desire; however, you're going to notice my sexual animal instincts permanently protruding from my naked body."

          "Yes, I remember. Your magnificent body massage aroused my hidden animal instincts. I've never felt such bodily pleasures. I'd like to explore these animal pleasures in greater detail."

          "You would?"


          "Now would be a good time."

          "No…no, I can't stay here on your planet earth. I need to repair my ship and figure out how to take off without my robotic crew."

          "Zeena, I can help you."

          "Oh, Steve, you've already done so much for me."

          "No, really, I don't mind."

          "You're too good to me." She sprang off the bed and ran into the bathroom. "Wait for me."

          Twenty minutes later, Zeena rushed out of the bathroom wearing a purple flight suit. For the next four hours, Steve closely followed Zeena throughout the ship while she made slight repairs and adjustments on control panels.

          After having a wonderful lunch together in the mess hall, they went to the cockpit. Zeena sat down in the pilot's chair and activated her console. She pushed a symbol on the glass keyboard and her chair automatically widened to the size of a loveseat. "Steve, please sit down next to me. I enjoy being close to you."

          "Okay," he replied along with a broad handsome smile. 

          She danced her twelve fingers on the glass keyboard for a moment. "The ship's computer is now performing a pre-ignition diagnostics test."

          "Zeena, will this test will tell you if there's any problems with the ship's vital systems?"

          "Yes it will. You are an extremely intelligent human male."

          "I'm an electrical and mechanical engineer," Steve said with pride in his tone. "Your technology is highly advanced than ours, but I do understand bits and pieces of it."

          Zeena cuddled up against him and tears began to roll down her cheeks, dripping onto her flight suit.

          "Oh, Zeena my dear, what's wrong?" he asked while displaying a concerned expression.

          "I wish I could stay here with you. Together we can explore these pleasurable inner sexual desires I've been feeling ever since I met you. I'm craving for our naked bodies to link together in a primitive mating frenzy."

          "Wow! That would be awesome." said Steve.

          She moved closer, pressing her gorgeous alien body against him. "Before I depart to never see you again, I'd like to again experience your mouth to mouth resuscitation."

          Steven passionately kissed Zeena. Their alien tongues met for the first time within the joining of their oral caves, and they amalgamated in a lustful wet dance.

          After the long kiss, Steve realized it was the most sexually exciting kiss he has ever experienced. His desires for wanting to make love to the alien female are overwhelming.

          "Without my robotic crew to help me liftoff and pass through your planet's atmosphere, there's a good chance my spaceship will be destroyed. Although death would be far better than being a lab animal for your scientist to probe and dissect."

          "Zeena, can you teach me how to assist you during your liftoff?"

          "Yes, I can, but I cannot allow you to leave your life behind and voyage with me throughout the universe."

          "No…no, that's okay. I have no future here on earth! My relatives and friends will think I was eaten by a bear. This is the wilderness, and scores of backpackers have disappeared every year."

          Zeena smiled. "Oh, Steve, you've made me so happy. Now we can join together to satisfy our sexual animalistic desires." She hugged him, smothering his face into her cleavage, between her magnificent alien mountains. "I promise I'll take good care of you."

          For the next few hours, Zeena showed Steven what buttons to push and what instruments to monitor.

          "I think we're ready to liftoff," announced Zeena along with a Cheshire cat grin.

          She pulled a red lever and legs extended outward from the underside of the ship, thus slanting the nose upward. "Steve, after a ten second countdown we're going liftoff," Zeena excitedly shouted.

          The ship shot forward and turned upward. Within five minutes, they passed through earth's atmosphere and entered the darkness of space.

          Displayed on an overhead monitor, Steve watched the earth grow smaller as they exited the solar system.

          With help from the ship's computer, Zeena charted a course to her home galaxy, and then she initiated the auto pilot.

          After a wonderful dinner, per Zeena's orders, Steve used the bathroom first. He slid his naked body under the covers to wait  excitedly for her to finish up in the bathroom.            

          While in the bathroom, Zeena picked up what looks like a cell phone. She pressed a few buttons on the face of the gadget and spoke into it. "Hi, Zody, I have some thrilling news to tell you."

          "Hey, what's up my best female friend?"

          "I've successfully captured my own human male sex toy. He's exceptionally handsome and extremely muscular. His name is Steve and I know he's going to sexually pleasure me maybe seven or eight times a day."

          "Oh wow, Zeena, I'm so happy for you."

          "I figure if I take good care of him, he'll last maybe fifty planetary revolutions around our sun."

          "Was he hard to catch?" asked Zody.

          "It was easy. I locked in on him with my ship's scanners and faked a crash landing right in front him. You know how gullible those stupid humans can be. I was a perfect actress. Everything I said to gain Steve's trust was fongo s***. My human sex toy is already eating fongo meat out of the palm of my hand. He's my property and I've already tagged him with an implanted obedience chip. Actually, he's so dimwitted that he tagged himself, thinking the chip was a universal translator."

          "I wish I could afford a human male sex toy."

          "Someday you'll be making enough credits to afford one. But hey, you're my special female friend, and I'd be willing to occasionally share Steve with you. I just saw my capture sex toy naked for the first time, and his sex organ is exceedingly impressive."

          "Oh, Zeena to share him with me would be wonderful."

          "I plan to buy Steve a designer collar and leash. You know, the ones with those rare shiny stones embedded on them."

          "Zeena, you're so lucky. You're going to be the number one sex talk on every planet in our solar system galaxy."

          "Yes, I know, and Zigzee will be so jealous of me. Her male human sex toy is becoming old and worn out. Rumors have been flying around that Zigzee's planning to have him put to sleep."

          "Yes, I've been told it's best to have them put to sleep when they can no longer satisfy your sexual desires. The doctor gives them a shot and without any pain, they pass away within a few minutes. My boss has three human male sex toys buried in her backyard, right next to her patio. She likes sit out on her patio and remember the millions of pleasurably orgasms they provided for her.  

          "Well, I hate to say goodbye, Zody, but my sex toy is waiting me. I'm anxious to see how well he performs.

          "Happy orgasms, said Zody."            



The End!

© December 2011