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'Beneath The Mask'

By fel


Beneath the mask her wander lies

projecting an image for lovers eyes.

Such endless beauty my eyes behold,

under the mask she wears so bold


She hides behind her vain-full pride,

The twist and turn of storms inside.

She sits so still, so calm a girl

And guards with faith her hidden pearl.


Behold the mask covers her face

For between its cracks lies hidden grace

And beneath that mystic mask of wood

Lies secrets of a love so good


She needs to see through sudden glee

She needs not wear the mask for me.

In her glory I need to bask

For I love the girl who wear the mask.


Beneath the mask

There is a love and compassion

Inhibition and insecurities,

But there is also the girl I love 

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Hi Fel,

I loved your poem "Beneath The Mask."  It's a beautiful poem.  However (and you don't need to do this), I'd change the "wander" in the first stanza to "wonder"and add "that" after "Behold the mask" in the 3rd stanza.  Very good poem.


well thank you, good observation 

I've been told that many times.


well thank you, good observation 


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