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I can't believe it! I finally finished my first book! It's so exciting. I mean, I've always wanted to be an author, but I never felt like one. Now that I've finished a book, I really consider myself an author. I have a sense of acomplishment. I've always felt a need to do something important in my life, and now it's like that feeling is gone. If I know anything about phycology, it's gone because I just did. I posted the book on here if anyone wants to read it. If you any suggestions, let me know. And if anyone can tell me anything about how to make a cover, I'm all ears. I trust this website, and anything you guys have to say!

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Thank you so much!

scribbler said:
I'll answer that since you've been waiting awhile if that's okay. Look under the text box that comes up when you hit "reply to this". You'll see a link that says "Upload Files". Click that and browse your computer from there.

Jasmine Andrade said:
Callie, can you teach me how to put the document in your post?

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