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Hi Guys

Here a hard question... because people judge quality on pricing, if you go too low people will assume the book isn't great and if you go too high people will not buy it.

My novella is a decent size but it's still a novella so I'm thinking £1.30 or rather $2.23

What do you guys think?



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.99 cents at 100,000 copies sold=100,000 dollars.

Hello Toby

I have tested a range of prices from 99 cents to over 10 dollars. My books are all non fiction and I base pricing on several factors.

I have seen numerous books that I think if priced lower would have drawn in new readers.

I do suggest having at least one book offered as free or a very low price to attract new readers.

I think your price point is a very good place to start.


Diana Loera


I am about to put my newest eBook on Amazon, January, 2018.

It is a book about orphans.

My plan was to set the price at $4.99 per download.

But when I looked at 15 orphan book downloads on Amazon, I saw I was actually $5.00 LOWER than the average price.

So always check out your competitors prices before you set your price.

You are 100% right. If you set your price too low, they will think, "It must not be a very good book if he is charging such a low price and everyone else's books are higher.

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