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Well hey! :)

Its been a while since I've been on here, so I thought I'd stop in and see how it's going.

Since my last visit last year, I've released 10 books I'm proud to say, and blessed that they are doing well. If you like kick butt paranormal, sizzling contemporary, or sweet historical, check them out.

All avaliable on

you can read sample chapters, see updates, trailers, and what's next in either of my series.  (paranormal)  (historical)  (paranormal faries) (contemporary)

Teaching Between Midnight and Dawn Series


Arieanna was pretty much happy with her life. Her students loved her, and she loved teaching; life was simple and uncomplicated. 

That's until she met Auron.  

Sent by an exclusive underground sect, Auron's there to protect the descendant of Ast at all cost. His number one purpose is to keep the supposed volume of Ast's magick from entering the hands of the wrong people, in spite of the fact it might cause his death.  

Exiled two centuries ago from his Företag for insubordination and murder, Auron knows if Jimmy Mann gets his hands on that book all hell will break lose. Centuries of war will spill onto a human battleground, the causalities catastrophic. 

The governing Council will do whatever it deems necessary to keep that from happening; even if it means taking out the descendant, Lycans, Warlocks, Witches, Shape-shifters and Vampires alike. 

The hieroglyphs state she holds the key to the location of Ast's legendary book of magick; the only problem is, Arieanna doesn't know it yet! 


Teach Me the Night...

(Book 2 in the Teaching Between Midnight and Dawn Series)

When her parents are killed, Jobey isn't thinking straight because she can't find her twin brother Tobey. However, in the search for Tobey, Jobey finds not only the hottest guy in L.A. to help her; but she also realizes she's connected to the descendant Arieanna, and Ast` infamous book of magick. 
However, Jobey does notice there's something about this guy she's completely missing. 

Saix had been Sephoroth's Secunda for the last 451 years, and everyday he cared less and less. Their last fight had been truly vicious, but what'd surprised Saix the most was the fact that he didn't care one way or another if Sephoroth actually ended his life. 

Since Lexera's death, nothing in life or his undead existence meant anything to him anymore... 
That is until he spotted her in the Walgreens. She was beautiful. It wasn't beauty like the four other women, but something so quiet it silently called to him, drawing her to him. 
He knew in an instant, he'd found the one thing worth his undead existence.
He would surely see her...again
( The Legend of Sekhmet the first supposed vampire, werewolves, witches and the Amber Council).


Teaching Can be Murder...
(Book 3 in the Teaching Between Midnight and Dawn Series)

Inducted into a secrete order of the church at the age of 21, Magnus figured his life was set. 

At 21 he'd achieve more than Gereld could ever hope for, and the Arvantes was the crowning success for Magnus.
Gereld couldn't have been happier for him. 
At least that's what he thought. 
However, 10 years later, Magnus had a difference of opinion, and when he lit that Crepis candle he had no clue it would forever change his life... 
Emmalinda's life had been one test after another, forever trying to live up to her parents ideas of who and what she should be. It didn't help matters either that her mother was Dean for one of the most celebrated East Coast collages, and her father the French Ambassador for America. 
She'd taken that professorship in England, to get away from their demands even at 32. 
Yet, when Dean Phillips asked her to catalogue the lost annals and writings of Sir Wyatt, she never in her life thought she would fall in love with a 578 year old Warlock, not to mention take on a force of magick which hadn't been seen on this side since the goddess Maeve herself... 

(Ancient secret Church societies, Warlocks, Witches, Demons, Avantes, Brotherhood, Flamini, and the Pallid Council).
(Book 4 in the Teaching Between Midnight and Dawn Series)
Thanks to her old college room mate Debbi, Sahbania's finding that late night séance of long ago might be true. 
All in the name of fun and games her ass... 
Yet, everything Debbi predicted was actually coming true! 
Not to mention, she wanted to know just what the hell a Succubus was, how she became it, and did he seriously just bite her... 
Eirnin returns after 3 centuries of self-exile, and a misunderstanding between him and his brother that ripped them apart. 
Although elated to see his baby brother after 3 centuries, Lychelin is pissed, because the fricken anarok just turned someone! 

(Werewolves, vampires, witches, warlocks, African, Egyptian, Greek and Roman myths, Pallid & Jade Council).
De Luna should have known when she saw him in Brander’s reading, he was too good to be true.

Just the name Rue implied it!

With looks like that, he was a walking orgasm. Moreover, those cerulean baby blues, mixed with that crooked grin; spelled trouble with a capital T...

Yet again, Rue was obligated to do something he didn't want to do.
After 232 years, you would think he'd be used to it by now. 
He had no intentions of being fricken Master of Seattle, however, because Lychelin declared an all out war on the Council, he was forced once again to do something he knew he would come to regret in time.
Nevertheless, when he saw her in Brander’s pretending to read, his grin widened. 
What a naughty girl...

Vampire Master Sephoroth returns... and boy is he pissed...

(Vampires, werewolves, warlocks, witches, and the legend of Spartacus. Pallid & Jade Council).
Dragged to yet another one of her sister Mak's New Years Eve parties, Kalanit felt like choking someone out! When she decided to take a break from the Trump wannabees, and she saw the blonde standing there, she grinned because things were certainly looking up.
Kalanit knew there was something different about Quillan, and not just his name. The rock hard abs and drop dead smile, caused her senses to do something they hadn't done in a very long time. Yet, she did notice the almost look of sorrow in his eyes, as he continued to watch the rising sun... Magnus' best mate Quillan returns, only he has a lil secret about daylight; and only Kalanit can help him fix it...
Merlin on the other hand has decadently sweet plans for Kalanit, especially after she broke the stone and adsorbed his power. There was no way in hell, he'd allow that lil shite to have her... (Gargoyles, Black Death, the Legend of Merlin, and the Palid Council)
A Lite Farie Tale Series
(Book 1 in the Lite Farie Tale Series)
Midna knew there was something different about Det O'Crinillian from the moment he helped her up from the ground. 
From the way the accent seemed to come and go, to the way her senses seemed to be on overdrive every time he came anywhere near her! 
Good lawd! And those amazing eyes. 
But she never would have guessed in a million years he was a fricken fairy. 
Tinkerbell didn't have shinto on him!
Featuring Celtic Gods, ancient folklore and the legend of the Fae.
(Book 2 in the Lite Farie Tale Series)
Halleren knew someday she would be his. She'd been just a teenager when he ebbed into her backyard, the first human he'd ever seen; and it was love at first sight. 
However, he was called back to his kingdom to find his father's magick, and he lost her. If he could just find his queen, his uncle's magick would cease to latch onto his father's throne.
He'd spent the last seventeen years learning to be human, then gained a professorship at one of Finland's most prestigious universities. 
Yet, he still couldn't find her. 
He thought all was lost, until Midna happened to show him a dissertation on " Why the Gods didn't truly Love," by an up and coming professor, and there she was. 

Now, all Halleren needed to do was get Ginnabeth to see she'd belonged to him for the last 17 years... 

Ginnabeth hated visiting professors and symposiums. Dean Dubois would put on the Ritz, pretend he knew what the hell he was talking about, and kiss ass for days. Not to mention, the entire staff was forced to listen to his tired ass jokes, and pompous adventures of himself. 
Yet, when Abigail smacked her pointing to the podium, Ginnabeth was shocked; and yummy was the first word that came to mind as she got a better look at Professor Maxwell Gannondorf... 
featuring Finnish and Irish legends of Loki, Odin, Llewellyn, an ancient prophesy, and Odin's daughters of light.


Zalanthea's a runaway slave, but not by choice. While emptying chamber pots she’s attacked by a Union Soldier, and in the process of defending herself she kills him accidentally. She knows unless she flees she’ll be dead by morning; so she steals the town drunk’s clothes to disguise herself as a boy.
Thinking her a lad First Mate Wooldridge offers her a job on board ship, because the boy looks as if he hasn't eaten in days. Zayla believes he’s the Captain and follows him aboard the large ship. But she’s surprised when Wooldridge delivers her to the captain, and she realizes just why he’s been dubbed the name Stone. The piercing gray eyes say all he doesn’t.
Yet she can’t help but feel an instant attraction towards him.
Zayla takes to ship life, but is constantly plagued by nightmares of her ordeal. It's in the midst of one of these nightmares, Stone stumbles from his bed to wake the screaming boy. 
As he tries to comfort the boy he suddenly realizes a...she. 
Not only is Stone stunned, but now he’s embarrassed; because in his haste to get to the boy he forgot his under things….
All Maddy wanted to do was be a vet , but for the fact that she was half colored limited her entire existence. That proclamation from Lincoln said they were free now, but Maddy would never believe it in a million years; because some things just never change.
She knew she could do the job better than most of the pompous ranch owners, and when wealthy Irish Ranch owner Remyton O'Shey gave her the job, it was the happiest moment in her life.
When she delivered his prize winning mare's colt without a hitch, and he instinctively kissed her, something in Maddy leaped to life; and it centered completely on him...
From the minute Finnegan laid eyes on Annica the attraction was instant. The buckskin halter left little to the imagination, and the surprise on her face mirrored his own as she reached from under the brush grabbing his moccasin. But what drew him to her even more was the fiery red hair and grey eyes. That was a first for him, especially because she was mulatto. She knew at once that he wasn't from the Lakota tribe. Finnegan had been gone for the last five years, so how would she know that Two Feathers was actually his grandfather. 
When she took off running he was shocked; but he instantaneously took out after her. 
When he came through the trees he skidded to a stop as he realized he was at the cliffs. Finnegan watched in awe as she sailed over the side of the cliff. She looked like the Red Hawk, and he couldn't help but watch in astonishment as she hit the water with minimal splash. 
He inched towards the edge of the cliff and waited with abated breath for her to resurface. He gave her a little mock salute and a grin, then walked from her view. 
He knew for sure, that he'd be seeing her again...
Contemporary Interracial Romance. Professors, Colleges, New York City...

Sometimes...the past... doesn't stay in the past...
Taking an English Lit Professorship at a prestigious East Coast college seemed like a good idea to California native Alexandria Escalantè. The position came through a good friend, and was the ideal escape from her drug using abusive ex-boyfriend, and a family who believes she's basically incompetent because she can't keep a man. 
Alexandria gains allies in a strong circle of new friends, and begins to feel like she can truly start over. Especially, once she meets fellow college Professor Dantè Poptoppolous.
East Coast life is just the thing for Alexandria, and she realizes that for the first time in her life she actually fits in somewhere. She's finally happy with her life; that's until the ex-boyfriend shows up and wants her back...dead or alive.

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