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I was thinking today about how big the internet is and the vastness of its reach. And then I pondered on how we all find our little corners of happiness on the web. is definitely one of mine! So tell me, how did you get here initially and discover our fab community? :D

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I found this website by toggling authors communicate. I am brand new at this and want to get to know Other authors, and see how they went through the process of publishing their book. I hope to eet some positive people!

I searched different marketing methods and the site popped up in my search thread.  I love it and promote it whenever I can.  I have met some wonderful people, participated in a fantastic book hop which increased traffic to my sites and receive wonderful advice.  I hope the site continues to build.  I do not know many authors.  The few writers I have met are set in their ways and not interested in networking.  I feel less lonely out here in the writing world with the members of this site.

LOL! I can't remember that far back.

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