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A mark is carved on my thigh
an imperfect rhombus it bears;
opposite but unequal sides 
of two pairs.

An un-equilateral, my friends call it.

“My Identifier,” I christened it.
A distinct separator from others

this gene tag

hidden in an obscure place

this peculiar trace.
Colored with shame that blind
as a child

burned into my flesh by
unknown hands with minds
Its purpose, I now divine.

A bridle biting deep
this restraint that whispers
words of lies and fear
with pride, I now wear.


                                                Birgitta Abimbola Heikka


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This poem really displays it's meaning.   it portrays  the scar was carved into the thigh.It makes you wonder what was on the person mind who did it.  the verses"burned into my flesh by unknown hands with minds malignant" describes exactly what type of individual would do such a thing.   It's meaning is really expressed and helps the reader to get some kind of concept of what is trying to be described in this poem.   I enjoyed reading it.

Thank you Shirley.  I'm glad you enjoyed reading it.


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